Mailing-List 2.0: Discourse

You got a few people working on something and you seek for an efficient way to communicate (ideas, news, messages, etc.) online. This guide gives you an overview about what you could expect in the past and what you should ask for nowadays.


According to Wikipedia, the first mail was sent in 1971. The access to a network we call Internet today was quite limited in these early days. Users have been mostly universities, and I guess, not everyone, but mostly the STEM disciplines Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. So it comes at no surprise that mails are perceived as inconvenient and antiquated.

Mails are dead

Let’s summarise some downsides of mails:

  • You have to manage a mail address book and it will never be complete.
  • You cannot easily have group conversations. When sending a mail to many recipients, one has to rely on everyone maintaining the same recipient list. Individuals cannot quit such a group conversation.
  • E-Mails are hardly mashable. That means, you cannot include pictures, (Youtube) videos, Twitter quotes as you might know it from Social Networks. There are links and attachments. Everything else is mostly out of scope for an everyday user, even if it might be technical possible.
  • You do not receive confirmations once your mail has been received and read.
  • You cannot control who can send a mail to you.
  • You have to clean your inbox, delete mails, etc.
  • Long conversations with many replies of many participants are lacking a clear structure and can become quite confusing.
  • You cannot link to a mail. You have to send a copy every time.
  • You cannot take back a mail once you have sent it.
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Belgrade Model EU 2015 Documents

best-practice (paper-free) reading of EU regulations

Dear participants of the Model European Union simulation 2015,

I totally support the aim of the simulation organisers to print less paper during the conference. So I will provide, as I did last time, the juridical texts in various eBook formats! The text used in the conference are shortened! The original sources are probably these ones:

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Startup Hency - I don’t like it

Website Hency. © 2015
Website Hency. © 2015

Everyone likes startups. It’s the spirit of our time. If you want to be a real hipster, you need to be involved in or, if possible, the creative director of a startup. Then, you need to spread the word. The actual product seems to be unimportant.

I already wrote my opinion about the startups Viewsy and WikiStage. Today, I stumbled upon Hency and even though I like the initial idea, I find it so badly done that I felt a need to blog about this. The project is still very young (public beta), but this cannot be an excuse in my opinion. So let’s have a look.

Presentation of Hency

Hency's officially selected for the WebSummit Alpha program ! Meet us in Dublin from november 3 to 5 for the most exciting tech and startup event of the year ! ☺ A big thanks to our sponsor EMLYON Business School, thanks for your help, without you it couldn't be possible ! Also, thanks to Emlyon - Centrale Lyon Programme IDEA for your support ! ‪#‎Startup‬ ‪#‎DesignThinking‬ ‪#‎InsideIDEA‬ ‪#‎Innovation‬ ‪#‎Onourwaytothesummit‬

This is what I have found on my Facebook. The authors of this project prefer to stay incognito. I guess that Jimmy is somehow involved. Let’s try to decrypt some information from this post. EMLYON, a very prestigious elite university in France, Lyon, is the sponsor. Support was given as well from the IDEA program of the Centrale Lyon that is just another elite university. Most students of EMLYON pay in comparison to most European higher education programs enormous fees. So here, they got a a kind of refund.

The used hash tags are not very surprising and belong to the standard canon, to the pop culture of the students from this program. However, I’m always curious about innovation. So I eventually clicked on their website

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Too much Spam (on Facebook)

Blocking websites
Blocking websites

Facebook tries to adapt the personal stream in such a way that we like it. However, the result is not perfect.

Crawling the Facebook timeline

I confess: I spend too much time on facebook. How much? It does’t matter, every moment seems too much. There is not only Spam (sometimes referred to as promoted content, read: commercial, payed content), but also Hoaxes, Scam and selfies.

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Stories from Berlin: At the Beach Bar in Mitte

Bode Museum on Museum Island as seen from Strandbar Mitte. Photo: Günter Steffen

This is a post about payment systems, bottle deposit and pragmatism of the people from Berlin at one of the very original outdoor bars in the heart of the city of Berlin. What happened?

If you have ever been in Berlin, you remember the name of its central district, Berlin-Mitte (engl: Berlin-Centre). Alexanderplatz, the television tower and the Humboldt University of Berlin (where I studied) is located there. You get off the train at station Alexanderplatz and walk towards Hackescher Markt. In 10 minutes walking distance, you reach Monbijou Park. The park is bounded by the river Spree. Boats with waving tourists pass by. Right across the river, one finds the Museum Island with, among others, the Bode Museum.

Right at this place, the Beach Bar offers throughout the summer open air balls for Tango Argentino, Swing and various other dances. That’s why I’ve been there!

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Impressions from Romania

Visited places in Romania. full size


Back in Februray 2015, I was overtaken by school holidays: My French collaborators have been well prepared and prepared their vacation ahead of time. I didn’t want to be the lonely guy in the office and decided spontanously to leave as well: to Romania!

Why Romania? I used Kayak Explore to find cheap flights from Lyon, Saint-Etienne and Geneva. Porto would have been an option and surprisingly Bucharest even though its quite far away. Both countries I have never been to. A friend of mine from Bucharest was very enthusiastic about my intentions and rescheduled his week and took care for my accommodation. A week later, I arrived at Bucharest Otopeni Intl. Airport. I decided to take the bus to go down-town Bucharest . In the bus I met a father with his daughter that has worked for the German cruise company AIDA. Both are fluent in English. Also when I missed to get out of the bus, I could ask locals in English without any issues – and not only the young (Erasmus) generation.

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Model EU Highlights

EU Parliament in Strasbourg

I wrote already some posts about my recent experience as a participant in the 2015 edition of the Strasbourg Model European Union simulation. I got attributed the role of an ECR deputy from the UK.

During the conference, I took some notes on things I found remarkable. Altogether, we have been quite creative to make our one-week adventure as out-standing as possible. Sometimes, I thought that we have created an atmosphere close to the reality, sometimes it felt like a parody. I enjoyed both!

If you have been part of the adventure, what was your personal highlight? In the following, I will share mine with you (in no particular order).

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Model EU Impressions

The Schedule of an MEP

Parliament Session in the faction room of the European People’s Party in the European Parliament in Strasbourg. <div class=pull-right>Copyright by <a href=''>MEU Strasbourg on Facebook</a></div>
Parliament Session in the faction room of the European People’s Party in the European Parliament in Strasbourg.

It’s Sunday and it's already two weeks that I’ve been in Strasbourg. The simulation of the EU parliament has been great. I thought initially that I would blog every day of the week, but I resigned from this idea already after my post to day 1 in favour of sleeping at least five and a half hours per night which have been in any case too few.

I wont try to reproduce in detail what we have been doing. There has been an enormous schedule of sessions in the parliament and a social program in the evening. Usually, we got up by 6:20 am to pass the security at the European Parliament entrance before 8 am. We left the parliament around 6 pm. So what happened in between?

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Protectionnisme entre Étudiants

École normale supérieure de Paris.

Je ne comprends pas les associations étudiantes des établissements d'enseignement supérieur, c'est à dire, les universités et les grandes écoles. À mon avis, ils pratiquent souvent le protectionnisme qui augmente les inégalités. C'est dommage, car au sein de la société, il me semble que les étudiants sont plus engagés et progressistes. Voici mes arguments.

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MEUS follow-up: Google is evil!

Google HQ with Android statue: looking cute on purpose

This is a follow-up comment for my dear friends that have been discussing with me the Proposal for the EU Data Protection Regulation. In our parliament simulation, we had the honour to welcome a very strong participant representing a Google lobbyist that was hard to deal with (hi Lois ;)).

In my candidature, I chose the lobbyist role as my second choice, but I was eventually chosen to represent a British Conservatives politician in the ECR faction1. In this role, I mostly agreed with the Google lobbyists.

However, I’m a bit worried that some other participants might have been hoodwinked and really think that Google might be a honourable enterprise that fights for freedom of expression and wants all the best for the internet users.

Of course, there are cases where Google is doing a good job. One example might be the acquisition of the VP8 codec from On2 Technologies just to release the intellectual property (in this case: source code) under a free software license publicly accompanied with a irrevocable patent promise. Until today, this is part of the most efficient widespread video file format that serves a free exchange of videos and thus a more open internet.

Unfortunately, this is not the end of the story. Last week, the EU commissioner “Margrethe Vestager unveiled a formal complaint against Google, marking the most significant tech case since Brussels took on Microsoft a decade ago” (source: Financial Times).

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