Call for Konqueror related GSoC 2010 projects

I really wonder why there are no Konqueror related idea for a GSoC 2010 project in the KDE Community Wiki.

The last opensuse version ships Firefox as default browser, there are some other attempts of a kde based browser (rekonq, etc.), but I think that nothing can replace Konqueror in the next time concerning consumption of resources. Konqueror is so fast using pdf viewer KPart Okular while Firefox almost hangs up with proprietary plugin adobe reader. Which other browser can split its view and show pdf viewer and webpages at the same time? KatePart is also very handy.

I mean it’s wrong to think that other Qt based browsers can replace Konqueror in the next time. Even the inexperienced user wants to use KPart Okular.

However, I use Firefox, because it doesn’t use kthml has awesome bookmark tagging and can be synced with Mozilla Weave. It would be nice to see these features prospectively integrated in Konqueror, too.

What do you think? Can we bring Konqueror to the next level?