Papers and Talks


My research papers are also listed under

  1. Riemann, Robert. 2019. “Peer-to-Peer Protocols and Data Protection in the European Union.” October 24, Discussed at 4th European Privacy Law Scholars Conference (PLSC Europe). and Download
  2. Schiffner, Stefan, Bettina Berendt, Triin Siil, Martin Degeling, Robert Riemann, Florian Schaub, Kim Wuyts, et al. 2018. “Towards a Roadmap for Privacy Technologies and the General Data Protection Regulation: A Transatlantic Initiative.” In Privacy Technologies and Policy, 24–42. December 30, Springer International Publishing. and Download
  3. Cote, Marysabelle, Vivien Croes, Jakobine von Freytag Loringhoven, Daniela Heimpel, Hendrik Herkert, Kristina Karnahl, Klemens Kober, et al. 2018. “European Foreign Policy in 2027: Preparing for the Unexpected.” Workshop Report. Edited by Katja Borck, Julie Hamann, and David Quin. Workshop Report, April 3, French-German Future Dialogue. and Download
  4. Riemann, Robert. 2017. “Towards Trustworthy Online Voting: Distributed Aggregation of Confidential Data.” PhD thesis, PhD thesis, December 18, Ecole normale supérieure de Lyon. and Download
  5. Riemann, Robert, and Stéphane Grumbach. 2017. “Distributed Random Process for a Large-Scale Peer-to-Peer Lottery.” In Proc. of 17th IFIP Distributed Applications and Interoperable Systems, 34–48. DAIS’17. Neuchâtel, May 24, Neuchâtel: Springer. and Download
  6. Riemann, Robert, and Stéphane Grumbach. 2017. “Secure and Trustable Distributed Aggregation Based on Kademlia.” In IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology, edited by F. Martinelli and S. De Capitani di Vimercati, 502:171–85. Rome, May 4, Rome: Springer. and Download
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  8. Leifgen, Matthias, Tim Schröder, Friedemann Gädeke, Robert Riemann, Valentin Métillon, Elke Neu, Christian Hepp, et al. 2014. “Evaluation of Nitrogen- and Silicon-Vacancy Defect Centres as Single Photon Sources in Quantum Key Distribution.” New Journal of Physics 16 (2): 023021. and Download
  9. Riemann, Robert. 2013. “Implementation of a Control Unit for a Quantum Key Distribution Experiment Including Postprocessing.” Master’s thesis, Master’s thesis, February 1, Humboldt University of Berlin. and Download
  10. Riemann, Robert. 2010. “Diskriminierung Von Top-Ereignissen Ausdem W+Jets-Untergrund Mittels Shape-Variablen Bei ATLAS.” Bachelor’s thesis, Bachelor’s thesis, September 3, Humboldt University of Berlin. and Download


  1. Riemann, Robert. 2019. “Rendre à Nouveau Les Sites Web Respectueux De La Vie Privée.” Presented at the Projet d’appui aux Instances indépendantes, December 9. and Download
  2. Riemann, Robert. 2019. “Data Protection in Mobile Apps.” Presented at the 46th Meeting of the Data Protection Officers and the EDPS, November 7. and Download
  3. Riemann, Robert. 2019. “Introduction to Web Service Behavioural Tracking and Their Assessment.” Presented at the International Committee of the Red Cross Data Protection Office, March 21.Details and Download
  4. Riemann, Robert. 2018. “Web ServiceSelf-Assessment Tools.” Presented at the 44th Meeting of the Data Protection Officers and the EDPS, December 12. and Download
  5. Riemann, Robert. 2018. “Smart Working: Clear and Smart Technical Writing.” Presented at the All-Staff Meeting of the European Data Protection Supervisor, February 20. and Download
  6. Riemann, Robert. 2017. “INSA First Cycle: A German Perspective.” Presented at the Groupe INSA 5. Colloquium on Pedagogy and Education, March 30. and Download
  7. Riemann, Robert, and Romain Rambaud. 2017. “Legal Questions on Voting Due to Advances in Technology.” Presented at the Journée d’Étude doctorale sur le thème de l’Approche pluridisciplinaire des phénomènes : interrogation croisée du droit, des sciences dures, humaines ou sociales, February 3. and Download
  8. Riemann, Robert. 2017. “Towards Distributed Online Voting.” Presented at the You broke the Internet Workshop, January 2. and Download
  9. Riemann, Robert. 2016. “Towards Distributed Online Voting.” 33C3. Presented at the We Fix the Net Assembly at the 33. Chaos Communication Conference, December 28. and Download
  10. Riemann, Robert. 2016. “Towards a Distributed Practicial Online Voting Protocol.” Presented at the CITI-PhD Day 2016, June 9. and Download
  11. Riemann, Robert. 2014. “Datenschutzfreundliche Soziale Netzwerke: Spontan Und Kurzlebig.” DNP.14. Presented at the Austrian Congress on Data, Network & Politics, September 21. and Download
  12. Riemann, Robert. 2014. “Liquid Democracy in the Pirate Party of Germany.” Presented at the CITI Lab, January 23.Details and Download