Secure and trustable distributed aggregation based on Kademlia

Authors: Riemann, Robert and Grumbach, Stéphane

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Aggregation of values that need to be kept confidential while guaranteeing the robustness of the process and the correctness of the result is required in an increasing number of applications. We propose an aggregation algorithm, which supports a large spectrum of potential applications including complex voting protocols. It relies on the distributed hash table Kademlia, used in BitTorrent, for pseudonymous communication between randomly predetermined peers to ensure a high degree of confidentiality which does not solely relies on cryptography. The distribution of data and computation limits the potential for data breaches, and reduces the need for institutional trust. Experimental results confirm the complexity of }\backslashlandau{\backslashlog n}} for }n} peers allowing for large-scale applications.

Citation (Chicago Manual of Style 17th edition)

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