Check-In Guadeloupe

Die Sonne steht hier senkrecht über mir.

Herzlich Willkommen!

Nach einer Pause von mehr als drei Jahren seit der letzten Expedition in Süd-Amerika 2009, meldet sich Robert wieder aus seinem Auslandsstudio aus der Karibik zurück. Vieles hat sich seit dem geändert. Manches ist gleich geblieben. Damals war portables Internet, GPS und Offline-Routing unerreichbar. Facebook war noch nicht omnipräsent. Mein Couchsurfing-Profil gab es tatsächlich schon, lag jedoch brach.

Patching Ruby Gem GSL

The Github Gist code pasting service received some updates, which breaks the layout of the embedding tags used by this blogging engine octopress (Issue #847).

This issue was already fixed and got included in the development branch 2.1. I decided to upgrade my blog to the latest development version. Afterwards the Ruby version manager rvm asked to install a new ruby version. To meet the exact requirements of octopress I decided to give it a run, but when installing the required gems using bundle install I wasn’t able to install gsl, the ruby binding to the GNU scientific library, which is used to speed-up the “related posts” calculation. I remembered to run into this problem once before. Unfortunately it isn’t resolved yet. :(

vector_complex.c:1989:12: error: conflicting types for 'gsl_vector_complex_equal'
/usr/include/gsl/gsl_vector_complex_double.h:167:5: note: previous declaration of 'gsl_vector_complex_equal' was here
make: *** [vector_complex.o] Error 1

Starcraft 2 - fixing QWERTZ hotkeys

After upgrading Starcraft 2 with Patch 1.5.0, the German users might suffer from problems regarding the raster grid hot key layout.

One significant difference between the German and US keyboard layout is the swap of characters Z and Y. The update to 1.5.0 leads to a not working Y hot key.

According to bug #23, there is a work-around. Just add the USA keyboard layout to the keyboard layouts options menu. It’s not necessary to activate this layout. Finally restart the game and the raster grid layout works again.

This work-around was successfully tested with Windows 7, 64 bit.