The perhaps smallest KDE application in the world

For testing some parts of the korundum bindings, that allow the usage of KDE in Ruby, i wrote a small and lightweight application with only the necessary parts.

Maybe you can take it also to do some testings or just as a little example.

With its 12 lines (17 lines minus 3 empty lines minus Shebang line and $KCode line, that are not really required) of code it is perhaps the smalles KDE application you will find.

Of course, every Qt app would be a few lines smaller, because you dont need the KAbout object.

#!/usr/bin/env ruby

$KCODE = 'u'
require 'korundum4'

about ="ktest", "",
    KDE.ki18n("KTest"), "0.1")
KDE::CmdLineArgs.init(ARGV, about)
a =
w = "Click me to quit" ) do
  connect( SIGNAL :clicked ) do
    puts "Do something else"