Using GPG-Agent with opensuse 11.3 and zsh

GnuPG Logo I’m a supporter of mail encryption since I started using free software. At least, I sign all my own mails, with the exception of mails to people, who don’t know what an *.asc file is and might not open my mail for this reason.

By the way, my public gpg key fingerprint is:

F6A9 332D AA28 625E 59A8 F758 7BF6 0F4A 861B C3A3

I’m also involved in the CAcert project. If you want to get “assurced”, don’t hesitate to contact me, if you are in Berlin.

There is just one problem. If you want to sign all your mails, you have to type your hopefully long passphrase at least once[^1] for every single mail. If you get some encrypted mails from your friends, you have to type your passphrase for viewing mails, too. That’s not so nice. So were the gpg-agent invented, which task is to cache your passphrase for a given time, but it didn’t work for me - until today.

I followed the tutorial from the opensuse SDB with no success. Please note, that you might need to change the pinetry-qt to pinetry-qt4.

The solution, which works for me, was to copy the mentioned line to ~/.zprofile instead of .xinitrc, as I am using the awesome zsh.