Model Simulation EU Strasbourg 2015 started!

The EU parliament in Strasbourg.
The EU parliament in Strasbourg.

Hello everyone,

during the following 7 days, I will be at Strasbourg for the simulation of the European Parliament in the European Parliament. The adventure started yesterday and I will try to blog here regulary if I find some time (could be the last post already :wink:) or tweet hashtag #MEUs2015.

Yesterday evening, we had our check-in, a short recap of important rules that have been distributed ahead of time per mail, but were assumed to haven’t been read, and finally the EuroFEAST, our international potluck.

So what has been remarkable so far? After the first irritation that there would be hardly other Germans represented at the conference, it is clear now. We are many. However, there are people from so many different countries, as well from outside of the EU, like Georgia.

We really have to wear suits in the EU parliament. Fortunately, I took one with me for the Gatsby party. I asked some people for the reasons but haven’t gotten yet a satisfactory answer apart from that it would be the same for the members of the parliament. Isn’t the motto of the EU not united in diversity? The unions of our representatives seem to be an exception.

Furthermore, we are not allowed to post pictures on Facebook (I think same holds for other social media channels) from within the parliament building. We are also forbidden to take electronical devices with us with the sole exception of mobile phones. Adé my digital voice recorder. :unamused: I hope the official communication team that got an exception for photos will do a nice job.

During the potluck we got to known each other a little bit. It is a wonderfull atmosphere and all participants seem to be hyper motivated and concerned. Our interpreters speak German better than I do (it’s my mother tongue) and with respect to the other people in the role of MEPs, I do not feel very well prepared.

That’s it for Saturday.