Starcraft 2 - fixing QWERTZ hotkeys

After upgrading Starcraft 2 with Patch 1.5.0, the German users might suffer from problems regarding the raster grid hot key layout.

One significant difference between the German and US keyboard layout is the swap of characters Z and Y. The update to 1.5.0 leads to a not working Y hot key.

According to bug #23, there is a work-around. Just add the USA keyboard layout to the keyboard layouts options menu. It’s not necessary to activate this layout. Finally restart the game and the raster grid layout works again.

This work-around was successfully tested with Windows 7, 64 bit.

Self-Made Router-Powered Repository Mirror

After migrating most desktop PCs at work, at home and of some friends to openSUSE with upstream KDE repo, it was always a time-consuming task to keep all these systems up-to-date. I was most bothered by downloading the same files over and over again, which happened sometimes to be quite slow, especially via WLAN.

Fortunatly I got a couple of month ago the Linux-based router AVM Fritz!Box 7270, which can be rooted with a modified firmware. The customizable firmware is provided by the Freetz project and allows you to combine different modular packages to add functionality.

The Usual KDE Beginners Desktop

The Usual KDE Beginners Desktop


Every now and then I’m visting my best friend’s mom (generation > 50a) to update her old Pentium 4 system with the last opensuse software. Each time, I have to restore her Desktop to provide the basic features like managing opened windows, add the clock again, etc. Each time, I pay carefully attention to lock the screen afterwards. Sometimes I get doubts, that they are just fooling me, but my friend declined this, of course.

This time they disarranged the screen in a very extreme way1. Take it for amusement or for considering a clearer warning of unlocking the screen. I vote for:

You might end with a coruppted system!
Please copy this into the form field below:
I asked my son’s friend and got his permission.


  1. Did you recognize these empty plasma panels on each edge of the screen which prevents all application to get maximized properly? ↩︎

Downloading PDF Documents from Scribd

Are you also sometimes annoyed by only finding documents on and nowhere else? Furthermore this site is missing of a download or printing opportunity – at least there is no one for ordinary vitors.

Fortunately there is a little trick which might help you to still download a pdf: For mobile visitors using a mobile browser (tested with Opera Mini), there is a download button. You just have to:

  1. use Firefox
  2. Tell scribd untruly, that you are using Opera Mini
    • open a new tab, enter about:config in the address bar and go for it
    • accept the security hint
    • use the context menu to create a new string named general.useragent.override
    • set the value of this string to Opera/9.80 (J2ME/MIDP; Opera Mini/6.24288/25.729; U; en) Presto/2.5.25 Version/10.54
  3. visit the scribd page again and use the now appearing download button to reveive your pdf.
  4. you should reset this string afterwards again to an empty value

If you need this regularly, you can install the Firefox Agent Switcher Plugin for some automatization.


Nach dem Schwimmen

Es ist schon spät, ich fahre heim.
Bin auf den den Straßen ganz allein.

Die Müdigkeit, sie drückt mich nieder.
Es regnet außerdem schon wieder.

Das gelbe Straßenlampenlicht
durchdringt den dichten Nebel nicht.

Ich träume wach, und bin ganz still.
Denk’ an die eine, die ich will.

Und während ich noch an sie denke,
mein Rad ich über Scherben lenke.

Ganz kurz…
bin ich im Einklang mit der Welt.
Sie hat sich auf mich eingestellt.

Verfasst am 18. November 2010 und meiner damaligen Ex-Freundin gewidmet.