INSA Pedagogy Colloquium

Last week, I got the chance to present at the 5th Colloquium on Pedagogy my field report on the education of first years engineering students at INSA Lyon as I observed it during my soon 2 years teaching experience.

You may also want to read a communication entitled What does Active Learning Mean for Mathematicians? published in the Notices of the American Mathematical Society (AMS, Vol. 64, Nr. 2) earlier this year (2017).

Herbst-Gedicht (2016)

Herbst-Gedicht (2016)

Place Louis Pradel (Opéra) in Lyon, France: Hatschi!

Place Louis Pradel (Opéra) in Lyon, France: Hatschi!

Nach meinem ersten Herbst-Gedicht aus dem Jahr 2010 nun 6 Jahre später ein versöhnliches Gedicht zur selben Jahreszeit.

Morgentliche Träumerei

Mühelos rolle ich den Berg hinunter
und biege ab, die Opéra zu meiner Rechten,
überquere die Rhône und werde munter.
Der Sonne Strahlen sich durch Morgennebel flechten.

Das gleißende Licht bringt mich zum Niesen,
und dass seit jeher an der selben Stelle.
Der Schein bricht sich im Tau der Uferwiesen,
auf dass ihr Glanz den jungen Tag erhelle.

Dann ungefähr eine halbe Stunde vor acht Uhr,
passiere ich die sonnengekrönte Präfektur.
Freilich kann man Sie vom Ufer aus nicht sehen,
dennoch kann ich dem Bann Ihrer nicht entgehen,
der es vermag meinen Gedanken ihren freien Lauf zu nehmen,
sie dort Kreise ziehen zu lassen und ganz für sich einzunehmen.

Derweil mein Rad mich weiter Richtung Süden trägt
und ich mich glücklich dieser Gegenwart besinne,
mein Herz mitunter völlig neue Rhythmen schlägt
und ich hellwach dem altgewohnten Trott entrinne.

Die Rhône ziert keine Welle, es verkehrt kein Frachter.
Sie erscheint ganz still und ruhig in ihrem Lauf,
doch verborgen dem oberflächlichen Betrachter,
birgt ihre Tiefe Bewegendes zuhauf.

Verfasst am 23. September 2016.

Mailing-List 2.0: Discourse

You got a few people working on something and you seek for an efficient way to communicate (ideas, news, messages, etc.) online. This guide gives you an overview about what you could expect in the past and what you should ask for nowadays.


According to Wikipedia, the first mail was sent in 1971. The access to a network we call Internet today was quite limited in these early days. Users have been mostly universities, and I guess, not everyone, but mostly the STEM disciplines Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. So it comes at no surprise that mails are perceived as inconvenient and antiquated.

Startup Hency - I don’t like it

Hency ( is a new Startup that proposes people private house parties as an alternative to clubs and bars. Therefore, one has to register. I explain why I don’t like the direction of the current alpha version that is already online.

Website Hency. © 2015
Website Hency. © 2015

Everyone likes startups. It’s the spirit of our time. If you want to be a real hipster, you need to be involved in or, if possible, the creative director of a startup. Then, you need to spread the word. The actual product seems to be unimportant.

I already wrote my opinion about the startups Viewsy and WikiStage. Today, I stumbled upon Hency and even though I like the initial idea, I find it so badly done that I felt a need to blog about this. The project is still very young (public beta), but this cannot be an excuse in my opinion. So let’s have a look.

Presentation of Hency

Hency’s officially selected for the WebSummit Alpha program ! Meet us in Dublin from november 3 to 5 for the most exciting tech and startup event of the year ! ☺ A big thanks to our sponsor EMLYON Business School, thanks for your help, without you it couldn’t be possible ! Also, thanks to Emlyon - Centrale Lyon Programme IDEA for your support ! ‪#‎Startup‬ ‪#‎DesignThinking‬ ‪#‎InsideIDEA‬ ‪#‎Innovation‬ ‪#‎Onourwaytothesummit‬

This is what I have found on my Facebook. The authors of this project prefer to stay incognito. I guess that Jimmy is somehow involved. Let’s try to decrypt some information from this post. EMLYON, a very prestigious elite university in France, Lyon, is the sponsor. Support was given as well from the IDEA program of the Centrale Lyon that is just another elite university. Most students of EMLYON pay in comparison to most European higher education programs enormous fees. So here, they got a a kind of refund.

The used hash tags are not very surprising and belong to the standard canon, to the pop culture of the students from this program. However, I’m always curious about innovation. So I eventually clicked on their website