Copy your clipboard to the pastebin

Klipper Menu When you are a power IRC user, you might know the problem. You cannot copy the whole source code, error message or log file etc. directly in the IRC channel. You need a pastebin. I like really much. It has a clean interface and supports highlighting for many languages. But how to copy the text to the pastebin in a handy and short way?

Do the following to copy the clipboard content to the pastebin by a simple <Ctrl>+<Alt>+<R> (global shortcut to open Klipper actions) and a click:

  • Copy the file pastie.rb to a folder which is in your $PATH
  • Make the file executable for you
  • Edit the actions of Klipper and add for the .* Regexp (means: no special string) a new action (do not activate automatic).
  • Add the command echo '%s' | pastie.rb, feedback should go to clipboard and set the description to “post as plain text” for instance
  • You can add another command echo '%s' | pastie.rb -f ruby to paste the text with ruby syntax highlighting

Klipper Settings After that you should be able to send your clipboard to the pastebin with one selection (to copy text into clipboard), one hotkey (to trigger Klipper actions) and one click (to choose between different highlighters). You can paste the URL with a single click on the middle button of your mouse. You don’t even have to open the pastebin page yourself!

I like it. Just want to share this with you in the case you was locking for something similiar. :)


Copy this file to your ~/bin and make it executable.

A big thank to the unknown author of this file. I found it via google on and did only some minor modifications on it.

You can use the pastie.rb script via command line by pipe a file to it. To set the code highlighting use the switch -f LANG. To get all supported languages you want to try a pastie.rb -h.

#!/usr/bin/env ruby
# kate: remove-trailing-space on; replace-trailing-space-save on; indent-width 2; indent-mode ruby; syntax ruby;
# file: pastie.rb

require 'net/http'
require 'optparse'
require 'timeout'
require 'cgi'
require 'uri'

class Hash

  def to_query_string
    map { |k, v|
      if v.instance_of?(Hash) { |sk, sv|


module Pastie

  AVAILABLE_PARSERS = %w( objective-c++ actionscript ruby ruby_on_rails diff
    plain_text c++ css java javascript html html_rails shell shell-unix-generic
    sql php python pascal perl yaml csharp go apache lua io lisp d erlang fortran
    haskell literate_haskell makefile scala scheme smarty ini nu tex clojure

  class API

    PASTIE_URL = URI.parse ""

    def paste(body, format = 'plain_text', is_private = false)
      raise InvalidParser unless valid_parser? format

      http =, PASTIE_URL.port

      query_string = { :paste => {
        :body => CGI.escape(body),
        :parser => format,
        :restricted => is_private,
        :authorization => 'burger'

      response, body = http.start do |http| PASTIE_URL.path, query_string

      raise Pastie::Error unless response.code == '302'



    def valid_parser?(format)
      Pastie::AVAILABLE_PARSERS.include? format


  class Error < StandardError; end
  class InvalidParser < StandardError; end

  class ConsoleOptions

    attr_reader :parser, :options

    def initialize
      @options = {
        :format => 'plain_text',
        :private => false

      @parser = do |cmd|
        cmd.banner = "Ruby Pastie CLI - takes paste input from STDIN"

        cmd.separator ''

        cmd.on('-h', '--help', 'Displays this help message') do
          puts @parser

        cmd.on('-f', '--format FORMAT', "The format of the text being pasted. Available parsers: #{Pastie::AVAILABLE_PARSERS.join(', ')}") do |format|
          @options[:format] = format

        cmd.on('-p', '--private', 'Create a private paste') do
          @options[:private] = true

    def run arguments

      body = ''

      Timeout.timeout(1) do
        body +=

      if body.strip.empty?
        puts "Please pipe in some content to paste on STDIN."
        exit 1

      pastie =
      puts pastie.paste(body, @options[:format], @options[:private])

      exit 0
    rescue InvalidParser
      puts "Please specify a valid format parser."
      exit 1
    rescue Error
      puts "An unknown error occurred"
      exit 1
    rescue Timeout::Error
      puts "Could not read from STDIN."
      exit 1

if ($0 == __FILE__)
  app =