Table Of Contents in Octopress


I’m still looking for an easy and proper solution to implement pictures with subtitles and an original size pop-up for my blog. On the way I found some interesting ideas to equip Octopress, Hacker’s Blog Engine, with a table of contents.

So I stumbled upon this article and really wondered about the complexity of solutions other people found. So I just want to present the solution that I found.

Generating the Table Of Contents

I’m going to add some further TOC levels for demonstration purposes. :wink:

Using Kramdown

I use kramdown as Markdown converter in all my projects. The inventor claims, that it could be the fastest converter so far. Additionally, it comes with some nice extras. For instance, it can generate a TOC for you1.

To use kramdown within Octopress, you have to activate it in the _config.yml file.

markdown: kramdown

Preparing your posts

The following code in your blog posts is replaced by the TOC after kramdown parsing.

* list element with functor item


I applied the following SCSS code to realize the styling. Octopress already knows how to generate valid CSS code out of it. The @include shadow-box; is resolved by Compass.

#markdown-toc:before {
  content: "Table of Contents";
  font-weight: bold;
ul#markdown-toc {
  list-style: none;
  float: right;
  @include shadow-box;
  background-color: white;

Snippet for sass/custom/_styles.scss


One problem I came across is that the links of the TOC are only relative using HTML anchors. So if only a part of your post is shown, because you made usage of <!--more--> and the post is shown in your blog index page, it won’t work.

I decided that I don’t want to show the TOC in this case at all and added additionally the following lines to my style description.

.blog-index #markdown-toc {
  display: none;